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A young woman from Orange County was on an event ride in the San Diego area and was sideswiped by a bus, causing severe bruising, road rash, and hospitalization for a suspected closed head injury. The bus passed in such close proximity to the cyclist that it sucked her into the side draft of the bus, resulting in the accident. The rider’s bicycle was totaled.

A San Diego racer was struck by a vehicle while training, and sustained damage to his hand. His bike was totaled.

A Palos Verdes cyclist was hit by a motorist who carelessly failed to properly negotiate a stop sign at Malaga Cove. The rider’s bike was totaled. The cyclist suffered significant orthopedic injuries, a collapsed lung, concussion, fractured ribs, and substantial lost income.


Client Testimonials:

I was “doored” by a car that resulted in serious injury to my hand which almost caused me to lose a significant part of my index finger. The case was made more difficult because the cop took the side of the driver and tried to blame me for the accident. It was a pleasure working with Gerry and CalBikeLaw. I was impressed by how knowledgeable and experienced Gerry was. He explained to me in the first meeting exactly what steps we would take and the process went exactly as he laid out. He clearly understood cycling, the laws, and how to deal with common misconceptions. He involved me in every major decision that needed to be made but did all the detail work without taking up my time, and got a great result for me. And above all, Gerry clearly cares about people and having everyone treated fairly. Torrance, CA
Tara Unversagt, Four-time World Track Champion, CLIENT
I was hit by a car in an incident that nearly took my life while descending Topanga Canyon. I engaged CalBikeLaw to help me deal with the aftermath of this terrible event and they approached the case as though I were their family member. With passion, expertise and always a concern for my proper recovery, they left no stone unturned to get me maximal recovery, including aggressive negotiation to reduce my medical liens, which were substantive. My wife, who is a lawyer, was extremely impressed with CalBikeLaw's handling of every facet of the case, and together we wholeheartedly recommend their services, and have done so in every appropriate instance since then. CalBikeLaw is owned and managed by experienced cyclists and bike racers who have an empathy for their clients that transcends the legal ramifications of any given case. In this regard, they are great lawyers who possess the spirit, savvy, connections and experience to achieve the most for their clients.
Michael Marckx, President and CEO, SPY Optic, CLIENT
I was in a pretty bad bicycle accident about a year and a half ago. A big SUV made a U-Turn in front of me, and I smashed into the side of the vehicle at almost 25mph. CalBikeLaw handled my case and helped me with every possible step from finding a doctor and getting physical therapy, to contacting the ambulance company and arranging payment after I received a settlement (not to mention dealing with the SUV driver's insurance company and working toward a settlement). I was extremely happy with the entire team of CalBikeLaw. They really cared about my health, and getting me back on my bike first, then the business of getting me a fair settlement. I'm back to racing my bicycle, and received a great settlement. Thanks CalBikeLaw!!!
Greg Leibert, Hermosa Beach, CA, CLIENT
After being struck by an under-insured motorist and injured while cycling, CalBikeLaw was there to assist me with the difficult process of recovering my medical and property expenses. I cannot say enough about the time taken by the lawyers to uncover all the details of the accident and attempt to recover the maximum amount that was possible. The entire CalBikeLaw team worked diligently and professionally to correct a difficult situation on my behalf. I have the highest regard for everyone at CalBikeLaw and the great work they did on my case.
Cambpell Nimick, Redondo Beach, CA, CLIENT
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